A livestream is video content that is broadcasted or watched live on a computer through the internet. It is quite cool.

You can watch livestreams on your laptop on Chrome, Firefox or Safari 11. You can now also watch on your mobile on Safari ! if you have the latest update (iOS 11). Quite cool huh 😉

From your dashboard, go to "My tickets" and see the list of livestreams you have bought tickets for. Click on your ticket and wait for the countdown to be over. Your livestream will start soon.

Right now, Socialive can support up to 3,000 real time viewers in full HD for each livestream. Livestreams are real time. There is no delay on Socialive.

Rubies are the currency used on Socialive. 10 rubies is approximately equivalent to $10, €10, or £10. Rubies can be used to buy tickets to certain livestreams and make donations! Just sign up and you will be able to buy some.

By the way, you can purchase rubies in any currency you like, we do not charge any fee on exchange rate 😉. Last thing, we partnered with to process your payments (the best and safest out there!).

Once you are logged in, you will see a "Buy rubies" button in the navbar or in the burger menu to the right if you are on mobile.

In order to brodcast your own livestreams, you need to sign up and fill the "Become a livestreamer" form. Once that's done, Go Live and create your next livestreams! Get out of your comfort zone. It's quite addictive!

YES! You now have at least 7 days to watch any REPLAY, from any LIVESTREAM class you’ve missed or wish to re-watch - whenever, wherever. Your influencer chooses for how long the Replay will be available.

Welcome to ⚡ Socialive Replay ⚡.